Put the right
person in the
right job!


JobFit Select is a highly accurate psychometric assessment that measures a candidate’s “fit” to the role they are being considered for. JobFit Select has been specifically designed for all roles up to mid-level managers and is particularly effective for all carer, case officer, administration, customer service and operations roles.

By measuring each candidate’s “fit” to our library of best practice role benchmarks, the employer can dramatically increase the success rate of selecting future high performing and highly engaged employees.

The range of available reports provide the information needed to improve selection, development and retention:

  • Measures degree of “fit” to the role
  • Measures cognitive abilities, behavioural traits and occupational interests
  • Provides tailored behavioural interview questions
  • Provides a talent summary and coaching, mentoring and training suggestions to maximise on the job performance
  • Multi-Job Match Reports
  • Multi-Candidate Match Reports