Put the right
person in the
right job!


JobFit Executive is a highly accurate psychometric assessment for all leadership, management and sales roles. This powerful instrument provides the ability to build role benchmarks based on your proven high performers or you can access our library of role benchmarks that can be used as is or fine-tuned to your requirements.

By measuring candidate “fit” to a highly tuned role benchmark, management teams can ensure, as much as you possibly can, that all future hires will have the critical success attributes required if they are to be future high performers.

There is an extensive range of available reports that provide all of the information needed to improve selection, development, leadership capability, sales capability and retention:

  • Selection Report
  • Measures candidate “fit”
  • Provides tailored behavioural interview questions
  • Measures leadership capability
  • Measures sales capability
  • Management Report
  • Talent insights and coaching, mentoring and training suggestions
  • Measures natural motivators
  • Team Matrix Report
  • Talent Comparison Report
  • Succession Planning Report
  • Career Planning Report